90 days to the start of EASTER CUP

Dec 29, 2023

This day we are directly 90 days from the first arrivals to the first tournament! We have currently registred teams in 12 out of 16 age categories for EASTER CUP. Teams are now coming from 9 different countries and more are still interested in coming! 

Year 2024 is year number 1 for Future Stars tournament. First of the serie is EASTER CUP basketball (28.-31.3.2024). We are still preparing everything around to give you best experience in the court both as in the city of Brno! 

Participating teams will have wide accompanying program to spend the time during their stay, you will meet others during starting and closing ceremonies so you can make new friends!

Accomodation is ready in all three categories (Hotels, Budget hotels, School hostels) same as the restaurants - all three ready around the city center with great atmosphere and even better food!

Courts are already looking forward to you performing your best and enjoying the atmosphere of our new tournament, where you will meet the FUTURE STARS!